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April 28, 2013: Symposium on Religious Control --
     Part One: On YouTube
     Part Two: On YouTube

April 14, 2013: On Forgiveness (Youtube link)

November 27,2011: Compassion - Greg Nooney --> Compassion Diagram

October 16,2011: Does Uniatrian Unitversalism have a concept of eviil? - Rev. Bill Holden

March 7, 2010: Creation Journey -- by Greg Nooney

November 15, 2009: Native American Messiahs and Prophets -- by Tom Cook

October 11, 2009: Sensory Expansion — by Greg Nooney

February 23, 2009:  The First Challenge -- When I hear “Be Thou My Vision”, it inspires me to be a better human being and is a reminder of the higher ideals I strive to live by. — by Pat Leahy

November 30, 2008: Metaphors for an Enhanced Life -- Part Two: "Things Fall Apart" or "We Can't Get From Here to There in a Straight Line" by Greg Nooney MP3 -- Listen

April 6, 2008: "Gems of a Greater Religion" by Rev. Ron Knapp

March 16, 2008: "Cultivate Happiness Now" by Deb Kline

March 2, 2008: "Spiritual Atheism" by Greg Nooney

February 3, 2008: "What Hath Richard Dawkins Wrought - or, Who's Afraid of Atheism?" by Rev. Charles Stephen

November 18, 2007:   "Songs for Anything" by Jim Reilly

November 4, 2007:  "Intuition: The Bay Leaf of Life's Casserole" by Greg Nooney

October 7, 2007:  "Exploring Ethical Alternatives: Values/Goals; Rules; and Virtues" by Tom Cook

September 23, 2007:  "Why I Am A UU Christian" by Karen Mackey

°° September 16, 2007:   "Why I Am An Atheist" by Rev. Ronald Knapp

[Check out some blog response to this sermon.]

September 9, 2007:   "Re-Covenanting the Beloved Community" by Alma Hatfield => MP3-Listen

April 8, 2007:   "The Fullness of Time" by Greg Nooney

March 11, 2007:  "Masculine Feminine Polarity" by Greg Nooney => MP3-Listen

February 11, 2007:  "War Against War" by Michael Melnichak

January 21, 2007:  "Coming to Unitarian Universalism" by Alma Hatfield

January 7, 2007:  "Ways of Knowing" by Twila L. Preston, Ph.D.

February 12, 2006:   "Why I Believe in Reincarnation" by Greg Nooney

°° October 22, 2006: "Nature and Humanity Reunited" by Rev. Ronald Knapp

November 13, 2005:   "Kurt Vonnegut's Vision" by Wesley V. Hromatko, D.Min.

°° October 16, 2005:  "Holy Eclecticism: The People of the Many Books" by Rev. Ronald Knapp

September 11, 2005:  "A Perspective and a Vision" by Alma Hatfield

March 27, 2005:   "Moral Compass; Tool or Weapon?" by Janice Kooiker

March 6, 2005:  "The Religious Sensibility of Robert Frost" by Wesley V. Hromatko, D.Min

February 7, 2005:  Metaphors for an Enhanced Life Series —"The Ninety Percent Rule" or "I'm already home; I'm just here to play the games" by Greg Nooney

°° December 5, 2004: "Reflections on the Philosopy of a Cockroach" by Ron Knapp
If you would like to read the Archy stories, go to the Don Marquis Reading Room.

November 14, 2004:  "Creating Sacred Space" by Greg Nooney

November 7, 2004:   "Learning to Lose" by Reverend Charles Stephen

October 31, 2004:  "The Philosophical History and Gnostic Mission of Contemporary Paganism" by Rev. Jeva Singh-Anand

October 24, 2004:   "What Can Unitarians Learn from The Da Vinci Code?" by Tom Cook

°° October 10, 2004:  "Shaw and the Unblessed Poor" by Bill Knepper

May 30, 2004:  "Cosmology: Effects on Empowerment" by Greg Nooney

March 28, 2004:  "Is Secularism the Will of God?" by Rev. Charles Stephen

January 4, 2004:  "Some 'If-Thens' and 'Whys' and 'Therefores' of God" -- David L. Graham

March 9, 2003:  "Parenting: A Spiritual Practice"-- Greg Nooney

November 3, 2002:  "Joy Happens" -- Alma Hatfield

October 20, 2002:   "When Things Go Very, Very Wrong" -- Rev. Dr. Sarah Voss


October 6, 2002:  "Compost as Metaphor" -- Janice Kooiker

April 14, 2002:   "Sharing our Strengths" -- Janice Kooiker

October 21, 2001:   "Global Sadness, Global Hope" -- Rev. Dr. Sarah Voss

October 14, 2001:  "Jonah: Journey Through the Belly of a Whale" -- Rev. Ronald Knapp

April 15, 2001:  "What is Evil?" -- Rev. Dr. Sarah Voss

April 1, 2001:   "Gnosis, Mystery and Unitarian Universalism" -- Jeva Singh-Anand

December 3, 2000:  "Parenting: A Humbling Experience" -- Greg Nooney

October 29, 2000:  "Entering the Third Millennium Consciousness" -- Jeva Singh-Anand

Oct. 8, 2000:   "Mystery" -- Paul Schilling

October 1, 2000:   "Where Did We Come


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