Become a Member

If you would like to become a member, please call us at (712) 258-3116 or email us at [email protected]

Your guilts are lightened.
Your griefs are comforted
Your joys are celebrated.
Your children are taught all religions.
Your talents are nurtured.
Your concerns are shared.
Your reason is honored.
Your friendships are deepened.
Your love of art and beauty is expanded.
Your need to serve others is fostered.
Your doubts are not ridiculed.
Your need to laugh is encouraged.
Your individual decision is treasured.
Your presence is truly welcomed.

Benefits of Membership
The First Untarian Church of Sioux City was formed in 1885. Membership brings with it the benefits of belonging to an historic religious community with a 123 year old tradition in this city of spiritual freedom. You will be encouraged and supported by others in developing a responsible spiritual path that is right for you.

Your voice will join others who speak for social justice, freedom of thought, the worth and dignity of every human being, and environmental respect.

Benefits include:
• Subscription to the UU World magazine
• Subscription to the Prairie Star District Newsletter
• Use of facilities for special ceremonies (e.g. weddings, funerals, child dedication)
• Reduced rates on renting facilities for special occasions
• Voting rights at Annual or Congregational Meetings
• Serving as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Responsibilities of Membership
We ask that you join one of our committees to meet other members and become aware of what our church is doing in the community. By joining a committee you will meet new people and make new friends, put your talents to use, and feel like a part of our community. Feel free to contact the membership coordinator for more information on the various committees.

Other opportunities for involvement include:
• Greeters
• Chalice lighting
• Speaking in church
• Contributing to the newsletter the VOICE
Helping with children’s religious education
• Coffee Host
• Friendship Dinners
• Displaying your artwork
Reading & Discussion Group
• Fall & spring cleanup of church and grounds
• Social Justice activities
• Unity Guild Women’s Group & the Men’s Auxiliary

Attend Congregational Meetings
We hold an Annual Meeting of the congregation in April. We elect our church Board of Trustees, hear committee reports, and approve a budget. According to our church bi-laws, authority to do these things lies with the congregation itself. All members in good standing who contribute to the church are voting members. This is your opportunity to speak on the business of the church.

Occasionally a congregational meeting will be called to discuss and vote on other matters that relate to the church. You are encouraged to attend these as well.

Accept Financial Responsibility
As a part of your membership, we ask that you accept financial responsibility to keep our church in sound financial shape. As a community we acknowledge and accept the responsibility of supporting our church. All members are asked to contribute as they are able. Financial contributions are accepted weekly, monthly, quarterly, or yearly. Please feel free to contact the church office for more information.

How do I become a member?
All individuals, age 16 years or older, are welcome to join. While there are no “belief” requirements for membership - such as creeds or statements of faith - it is important for members to covenant to support our Principles and Purposes, as developed by the Unitarian Universalist Association, which are the foundation of how we choose to be in relationship with each other and the world.

We also encourage all prospective members to attend an Orientation Class which will focus on our historic congregation and the principles and history of our larger faith tradition. Then complete the simple enrollment form and pledge card, and sign our historic Membership Book. By signing this book, you are declaring yourself a part of our community. Each spring we hold a formal “Welcoming New Members” portion of our Sunday Service where all recent members are more formally welcomed and introduced to the congregation.