Board Liaison

Building and Grounds

 Responsible for custodial maintenance, enhancements as well as coordination and supervision of personnel and volunteers involved in buildings and grounds activities.
  • Thad Sand
  • Dee Phillips
  • Ed Whitebeaver
  • Harvey Hopp
Jill Lary-Sand 

Finance and Membership

 Coordinate pledge drive, canvass, budget, endowments, fundraising, caring and hospitality activities, long term financial planning, and membership activities.
  • CHAIR - Marlene Sturdevant
  • FINANCE - Jill Lary-Sand
  • FINANCE - John Cowley
  • FINANCE - Deb Heaton
  • MEMBERSHIP & FINANCE - Claryce Evans
  • MEMBERSHIP - Thad Sand

Finance and Membership

 Coordinate instruction and curriculum for adult, child and youth religious education.
  • Twila Preston
  • Marlene Sturdevant
  • Greg Nooney
  • Garrett Boardman
  • Claire Porter
 Leslie Erickson

Marketing and Social Action

Marketing - Publicity and marketing support for church activities including press releases, websites, newsletter design and coordination with Church secretary, event publicity, mailing and media contact list development, media coordination and graphic design requests.

Social Action - Coordinate discussion, volunteer and advocacy efforts around social action interests that represent and foster the UU belief system.

  • CO-CHAIR - Leslie Erickson
  • CO-CHAIR - Julie Hlas
  • WEB - Bob Yeska
  • SOCIAL ACTION - Dee Phillips
 Julie Hlas

Worship and Music

Plan and coordinate Sunday services, music and forums
  • CO-CHAIR - Thad Sand
  • CO-CHAIR - Jan Kookier
 Leslie Erickson


 Coordination and support for church employees.
  • Susan Peete
  • Twila Preston
  • Leslie Erickson
 Ray Sturdevant

Nominating Committee

 Develop, recruit and nominate Church Board members.
  • Twila Preston
  • Leslie Erickson
  • Dee Phillips

Computer Committee

 A closed committee set up to update church computer system and software.
  • Bob Yeska
  • Julie Hlas
  • Jessie Kai
  • Neva Bean

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